in a world filled with 2-day shipping, big factories & huge department stores where you can basically buy anything, why would i want to shop small? well, i will tell you why...

shopping small means more than just pressing 'confirm order' at the end of the checkout; instead, it means that you are making a small business owner's dreams come true. 

ever since i was in high school, i have wanted to have my own business. i was not sure exactly what i wanted my business to be, but i knew i wanted something that was just mine. 

during the pandemic, i had a lot of time to think about my future and what i wanted out of it. there was a lot of "what ifs" during that time, but none that really kept me from thinking about all the possibilities that were still open to me despite the worldwide lockdown. so, i decided to finally make my dreams of owning my very own business a reality. it just felt like the right time. 

my love of jewelry has always been there, but i never really knew where i could buy quality jewelry at an affordable price. that is when i had the idea to create my very own store where i could offer quality jewelry at an amazing price-point. 

amonette jewelry means everything to me & it could not be a reality without each of you that decide to shop small. i have never worked harder on anything else in my entire life, but i do it each day because i believe in amonette jewelry. there is so much that goes on behind the scenes, so it truly does make me appreciate other small businesses even more. you are the reason i am able to have a job that i love & i encourage each of you to go make your dreams come to life. 

thank you for being here & supporting amonette jewelry. 

i love you!

xx, mallory